That’s right, they pulled their pants down and flashed their asses, very classy stuff. Note: The “moon for peace” was led by Patch Adams, who inspired the movie “Patch Adams” staring Robin Williams.

Via Philip Klein:

With 10,000 people attending the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, anti-war group Code Pink has set up shop across the street from the Washington Convention Center to protest Israel.

The event, called “Move Over AIPAC,” features a faux brick wall to simulate the humilating checkpoints endured by Palestinians, and has a schedule that includes “nonviolence training,” “outdoor learning circles,” and a “justice festival.”

Below, you can watch video I shot of clown Patch Adams leading a rendition of the “underwear song” as seven people gather in what he calls the “world’s largest underwear.” When you’re watching, keep in mind two things. One, that I was compassionate enough to our readers to clip the earlier part of the video, in which Adams and several other protesters “mooned for peace.” And two, that other scheduled speakers at the conference include Helen Thomas, and professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, who pose as serious intellectuals and co-wrote the book the Israel Lobby.