Kerry arrives

Says the gold-digger who owns a private jet and 76-foot yacht (courtesy of his wife).

Via Politico:

Secretary of State John Kerry issued a passionate call Thursday for nations to forgo the short-term lure of “outdated” fossil fuels — but he offered no hint of where he stands on the Canadian heavy-oil pipeline project that is still under his department’s review.

“It is time, my friends, for people to do real cost accounting,” Kerry said in a speech on climate change at the Atlantic Council. “The bottom line is that we can’t only factor in the price of immediate energy needs. We have to factor in the cost of long-term carbon pollution. We have to factor in survival.”

And if nations fail to do that, he warned, the implications for the future will be grim.

“Gambling with the future of Earth itself when we know full well what the outcome would be is beyond reckless,” he said. “It is just plain immoral. And it is a risk that no one should take.

“We need to face reality,” he added. “There is no ‘Planet B.’”