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So if this is true, it means Hillary lied again, when she implied it was under Secret Service protection at her house.

Bill Clinton does have an office in Manhattan. But Hillary also has an office in Manhattan, potentially a campaign office, with at least a 12 member staff near Times Square.

Hillary Clinton reportedly has signed a two-year lease in a high-rise commercial building in midtown Manhattan, fueling growing rumors of a 2016 presidential run.

Citing anonymous sources, reported Tuesday that Clinton signed the lease on a property which will eventually be used as her campaign headquarters. However, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill, told MSNBC the property is the new site for her personal office, not a campaign headquarters.

Clinton, who currently has a 12-member staff, moved into the new digs last week. The office space will comfortably fit 25 people, the entertainment site claims.

The leased property reportedly includes 14 workstations, one large conference room and features like floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows with views of Times Square.