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So let’s review. She violated the rules of her Department, violated the Federal Records Act, required employees to follow the rules and kicked one out for not following them, failed to respond to prior requests for the emails, and then when she finally turned over some, there were huge gaps of months missing. Now we don’t even know where the server she exposed all kinds of info on is, and how exposed it was to attack. Let’s elect this woman President, yay!

Via Fox News:

In the depths of the hacker and IT-blogger community, a skirmish has broken out over the nature of Hillary Clinton’s email server — a debate that could have profound implications for national security during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, and for investigators hoping to mine her emails for evidentiary purposes.

The questions center on where, exactly, Hillary Clinton’s email server is, or was, physically located; which private-sector firms may have been hosting it; and how secure Clinton’s emails were at any given point.

Why does the physical location matter? Because if the server was not in Clinton’s home, and was maintained at some other site, then the secretary of state and the Diplomatic Security corps that guarded her were not in physical control of her server. This would have raised the possibility for compromise of Clinton’s account, either from an inside job, carried out by the very firm retained to host the server, or from external actors that could range from the Kremlin to China to independent hackers.

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