Via Washington Examiner:

Everybody complains about the weather, especially when most of the United States is buried under a winter storm. But only radio host Mark Levin is doing something about it.

Levin, the fiery but eloquent broadcast personality whose audience is estimated at 7 million by Talkers magazine, devoted a portion of his syndicated “Mark Levin Show” Wednesday to announcing his political group Americans For Carbon Dioxide.

Although Levin noted that he first floated the pro-CO2 lobby in 2011 and has been promoting it lately on his Twitter feed, Wednesday’s announcement was especially propitious as Winter Storm Thor has areas from California to Alabama experiencing ice, snow and frigid temperatures. The federal government was shut down Thursday due to heavy snowfall, and in New York City a passenger plane skidded off the icy runway at LaGuardia Airport. States in New England — which has already experienced a very punishing winter — are expected to get nearly half a foot of snow.

“My heart goes out to the people of Boston,” Levin, who is also president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, told the Washington Examiner Thursday. “It’s obvious their political leaders don’t care that they have been suffering so much this winter. They want to make energy more expensive and keep people freezing and miserable. I am hoping to start this movement in the coldest areas, the bluest areas. I want to encourage people to drive their cars more often, keep their lights on, and use more energy, which is what gives us life.”

Members of the climate change consensus accuse skeptics variously of denying science, ignoring evidence or even being stooges of large energy producers. But Levin has staked out a position even further out on the continuum than most global warming villains.

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