One has to wonder, does he actually believe this?

LONDON, May 21 (APP) — President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Islam is a religion of peace and tranquillity and totally opposed to friction and terrorism.President Zardari, in his message to the International Imam Council,organisers of Syeda Fatima (S.A.) Interfaith Conference at the House of Lords here last evening, noted that such conferences highlight the real image of Islam being a peaceful religion and clear the confusion that Islam, in any way, favours terrorism.

The President said: “It gives me immense pleasure that Imam Hussain Council arranged an Interfaith Conference in recognition of Hazrat Fatima Tu-Zahra (S.A.), the daughter of our Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a distinguished personality of the Muslim world.

“She is a shining moral example for all the women across the globe. Her life, her teachings, her mannerisms and even her authority over her father, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a precedent for us to follow even today.”

HT: Spencer