I can’t even begin to imagine what this feels like.

Via Daily Mail:

This is the moment terrified Iraqis recorded a convoy coming towards their home – and realised it was ISIS.

The men secretly filmed as trucks and lorries bearing the Islamic State’s distinctive black flag arrived in a cloud of dust and smoke.

One of the frightened civilians can be heard saying: ‘Oh dear mother, they are chanting Allahu Akbar!’ as a truck carrying a group of militants swoops into view.

The film starts with the vehicles appearing away in the distance as the occupants focus their camera on a cloud of dust.Another man then asks: ‘What is this, just tell me for God’s sake what is this?’ as a large lorry roars past and a truck transporting terrorists comes into view.

A frightened companion can be heard saying: ‘Oh dear mother, they are chanting Allahu-akbar.’

Moments later the screen goes black as the recorder is hastily turned off.

According to 9News, Kurdish-Girl91 wrote: ‘God were on the civilians (sic) side this day. ISIS were meters away but did not notice anything.’