Climate Protest

Stone the heretics!

Via Daily Caller:

Democratic activists and lawmakers have launched a massive campaign to discredit academics and politicians who are skeptical of man-made global warming.

On the heels of a New York Times report critical of Harvard-Smithsonian climate scientist Wei-Hock Soon for getting funding from utilities and energy companies, Democratic lawmakers were quick to launch a campaign to uncover which fossil fuel companies were funding climate science. […]

Democratic lawmakers’ efforts are being bolstered by the former Obama campaign group, Organizing for Action, which is now on the offensive against lawmakers skeptical of global warming.

“It’s tough out there for climate change deniers,” reads an OFA email sent out on Friday encouraging followers to join in on “calling out climate change deniers.”

“One by one, literally every argument and excuse they’ve been using for years is being proven false. They’re still grasping at myths and conspiracy theories, but deniers are on the run,” the OFA email adds.

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