Except for when it’s Rand Paul (on numerous occasions) questioning Dick Cheney’s motives in Iraq.

Via Weekly Standard:

Rand Paul chided Rudy Giuliani for comments the former New York City mayor made about Barack Obama’s love for his country. In a television interview with local Louisville station WAVE, Paul said, “it’s one thing to disagree on policy” but “it’s a mistake to question people’s motives.”

It’s an admirable principle. But it’s one that Paul routinely abandons when he talks about hawks in his own party.

On at least two separate occasions, Paul accused Dick Cheney of taking the country to war to enhance Halliburton’s profits. At a campaign appearance in Montana on behalf of his father in 2008, Paul noted that Cheney had opposed going to Baghdad to oust Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. Cheney, Paul argued, used arguments “exactly mirroring my dad’s arguments for why we shouldn’t have gone in” to Baghdad. He continued: “And this is Dick Cheney saying this. But, you know, a couple hundred million dollars later Dick Cheney earns from Halliburton, he comes back into government. Now Halliburton’s got a billion-dollar, no-bid contract in Iraq.”

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