The shooter from the first attack is still on the lam.

Via 9News

Copenhagen has been rocked by a second shooting just hours after a gunman opened fire at a cafe where a debate on Islam and freedom of speech was underway.

Early reports suggest one person has been shot outside a synagogue.

It is uknown if the shooting is related to the earlier attack, that authorities have labelled a “terrorist act”.

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Police are saying it is not safe to be on the streets and are ordering everyone to stay inside, as the suspect(s) are still on the loose:

Via Daily Mail:

Danish police have said one person has been shot in the head at a synagogue in Copenhagen as they hunt a ‘lone wolf’ gunman on the run in the city.

Two policeman have also been injured in the shooting at the city’s Great Synagogue. Police have now locked down the area and helicopters are circling.

The incident happened just two miles from where a man was killed yesterday after an Islamist fanatic opened fire on a cafe as he tried to assassinate a controversial Swedish cartoonist.

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UPDATE: Another “random” victim?

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