Time to stop the Bloomberg song and dance.

Via Guns

A special commission set up by Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy after the Sandy Hook shooting may include a number of recommendations in its final report from registering all firearms, to tracking ammo, and screening owners.[…]

Besides previous recommendations to prohibit both the sale and possession of any firearm capable of holding 10 rounds or more without the provision to grandfather guns, included in interim reports, the final draft calls for any shell casing for ammunition sold in the state have a serial number etched on it for tracing purposes.

Next, all firearms should be registered and ammunition buyers would be restricted to only the caliber chambered for their licensed guns. Those who have firearms licenses, stresses the report should at every renewal pass a test of firearms handling capacity as well as an understanding of state and local laws.

The editorial board of the CT Post published a piece praising the commission for its “courageous” recommendations, while admitting that some of the more controversial ones would have actually had little impact on the event that led to the panel’s creation.

“We support the concept of firearm registration, though that would not have prevented the deaths of 20 first-graders and six educators in Sandy Hook because the shooter used weapons legally bought and owned by his mother,” reads the op-ed.

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