Strategic relocation of assets.

Via CNS News

First Syria, then Libya, now Yemen: The United States has now evacuated its embassies in all three of those countries, but on Wednesday, a State Department spokesman said “it’s not a reflection” of U.S. “engagement” or “leadership.”

A reporter asked spokesperson Jen Psaki: “This is the third embassy that you guys have had to, uncharitably perhaps say, abandon in an Arab Spring country since the first one, which was Syria. Is there a broader concern that you’re being – the U.S. is being run out of town in the Arab world?”

“We certainly don’t look at it in that way,” Psaki responded. “I would remind you that we were not the only country that moved our staff out of Yemen last night (so did the U.K. and France), and we have to take precautions to protect the men and women who are serving on our behalf.

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