Obama in 2008:

And from today:

US President Barack Obama addressed his nation Thursday and called for a “full and phased withdraw of Israeli forces” from “occupied Palestinian lands.”

Obama’s comments came during Obama’s much anticipated policy address at the State Department in which he outlined the United State’s new foreign policy for the Middle East and North Africa in light of the “spring revolutions” that have rocked the region.

Saying the world was tired of “nothing but stalemate” in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and complaining that “settlement activity continues” while the “Palestinians have walked away from talks,” Obama said Israelis cannot obtain the dream of a democratic and Jewish state through “occupation.”

Obama called for “two states for two peoples” with permanent borders based on the “1967 lines with agreed upon swaps.” The borders referred to as “1967 lines” are in fact the lines agreed upon in the 1949 armistice, following which Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria for 19 years.

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