Illegal aliens no longer need anchor babies, once in the US the parents can petition for their children to enter the US under the CAM program.

Via Tucson Weekly

The Department of State and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services launched an in-country refugee and parole program for certain minors in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

The influx of undocumented Central American children into the U.S. escaping violence and extreme poverty in their native countries, or trying to find a parent or relative already here, has been constant. But last year, the federal government and media outlets who otherwise have paid little to no attention to the detrimental conditions in Central America or the children coming here, began reporting on the issue when that influx reached an overwhelming peak.

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors made their way north in just a few months last year and continue to come. (There have been rumors going around that they could easily get their papers. Governments in these three countries and in Mexico have launched campaigns to inform people about the reality of risking their lives to head north and that for most there isn’t a route they could take that leads to living here legally.)

At the time, the Tucson Greyhound Bus Station saw countless of women and children dropped off as they hoped to reunite with relatives in other corners of the country.

These women and children arrive here after a very dangerous journey through Central America to the borderlands of southern Mexico where most of them aboard a freight train known for years and years as La Bestia, the beast.[…]

o qualify, the child must be unmarried, under the age of 21, and be citizens and reside in Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras. In some cases, a parent may qualify for the program if he or she is the spouse of the eligible parent living in the U.S. An eligible parent must have permanent resident status, temporary protected status, or deferred action in the U.S.. It leaves out a lot of people who don’t have any of those protections, unfortunately.

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