12:10 pm: Pant Suits kicks things off by gushing over Obama’s “new approach and blueprint” to foreign policy.

12:16 pm: Obama spikes the Bin Laden football.

— Hails Tunisian man who set himself on fire.

— Compares Arab uprisings to Boston Tea Party and Rosa Parks.

— “Change can not be denied” Where have we heard that before?


— Sorry about that, just nodded off.

— We can’t impose regime change by force like we did in Iraq. Except in Libya.

— We’re bringing Democracy to Libya.

— “Real reform does not come at the ballot box alone”

— We’re going to sprinkle magic pixie dust on the region or something.

— Hails Muslim-Christian relationship in Egypt. Yes, really.

— Does NOT condemn violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt.

— We’re going to modernize economies in Egypt and Tunisia.

— We will relieve Egypt of $1 billion in debt. We will lend them another $1 billion.

“Palestinians suffer the humiliation of occupation.”

— Condemns Israeli settlement construction.

— Israel can’t continue “permanent occupation.”

— “The state of Palestine for Palestinian people.”

“We believe in the 1967 lines for a future Palestinians state.”

— Middle East uprisings like American revolution or something.

It’s over, the Israelis are going to be livid.

One last update: Fox News is calling Obama’s demands Israel withdraw to the 1967 borders a “bombshell.”