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We are reliving the 1930s as we see all the same mistakes and similar evils arising. Oh, and Mrs. Gould, you may want to tell your son, he may not find Berkeley particularly welcoming. Those far-left folks you mentioned?

Via Telegraph:

Simon and Honey Gould, married for more than 20 years and with two children, live a seemingly peaceful life in their handsome five-bedroom house in a quiet British suburb.

Simon, 52, is a successful businessman running his own property company. Honey, 49, has pursued a career in marketing, while also raising son Arron, now 18, and daughter Angel, 16. Their wide circle of friends, close family and other relatives lives nearby.

Yet this summer the Goulds will leave everything behind – their north Manchester home filled with memories, their lovely, rambling garden, their busy social life – and leave the UK for good.

It may sound dramatic – incomprehensible, even. But the family, who are Jewish, no longer feel safe in this country. They believe they have no choice.

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