What’s really been missing in the fight against ISIS is competent cohesive strength on the ground. If Jordan is applying for that role, it could be a game changer.

King Abdullah basically captivated media yesterday by quoting Clint Eastwood and vowing to not stop ‘until we run out of fuel and bullets” to destroy ISIS. This is what a leader with resolve looks like. Can we trade for him?

Via Fox News:

Jordan’s King Abdullah is a former general and special forces commander who experts say has the resolve to follow through on his vow to crush ISIS.

Following the release of a ghastly video showing a captured Jordanian air force pilot being burned to death, the 53-year-old monarch warned that retribution will be swift. And with an army of more than 100,000 well-trained soldiers, tens of thousands more in reserves and a capable air force, Abdullah’s kingdom is more than up to the task, Middle East experts told FoxNews.com.

“Their ability to do difficult things with small numbers of highly trained people is up there with some of the best militaries in the world,” Jon Alterman, director of the Center for Strategic & International Studies’ Middle East Program, said of Jordan’s military.

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Meanwhile, President Obama will be “redoubling efforts” against ISIS.

King Abdullah lets no grass grow under his feet in fulfilling his word.