Oddly enough, the White House is refusing to say which Muslims leaders he met with.

Via The Blaze:

President Barack Obama reportedly talked to Muslim Americans about stopping the Islamic State and stopping anti-Muslim discrimination during a meeting at the White House Wednesday. He even talked to them about Obamacare.

Citing privacy issues, the White House refused to identify the Muslim leader who met with Obama in private. The meeting was closed to the press and did not include a list of participants. […]

“The President reiterated his Administration’s commitment to safeguarding civil rights through hate crimes prosecutions and civil enforcement actions,” the White House release said.

The White House went on to say that the American Muslim community was working with the Muslim community “on a range of domestic issues such as the Affordable Care Act, issues of anti-Muslim violence and discrimination, the 21st Century Policing Task Force, and the upcoming White House Summit on Countering Violence Extremism.”