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The Leftist media has been all atwitter this week, suddenly taking up the banner against ‘anti-vaxxers’ or anyone who raises any question about government-ordered vaccinations.

This question has been made apparently more timely by an ‘outbreak’ of measles, most of which tie back to exposure from Disneyland.

Why have has the Leftist media done this all of a sudden? Because Rand Paul and Chris Christie have seemed to question government’s authority to demand vaccinations in all instances.

So suddenly it’s a political hot potato with which to smack them.

Yet, there are folks on both sides of the aisle who one might term ‘anti-vaxxer'(a term seemingly designed to brook no discussion, like ‘climate denier’). There are different shades of position. One might believe in the efficacy of vaccines, yet not believe that each and every one should be mandatory, or not mandatory in cluster shots. Indeed many who hold the most strident or questioning anti-vaccine positions are on the Left.

Like this guy who appeared to raise questions, for example:
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Whoops, was that our President questioning ‘settled science’?

So stop the nonsense, Leftist media. It isn’t a political football, it’s a medical and parental issue.

HT: Justin Green