Update to this story.

Via Express:

MAYOR Boris Johnson has been blasted for ‘inciting fear into the hearts of people’ after he branded religious extremists “w*****s” with a fixation on pornography.

General Secretary for the Muslim Women’s Network Mussurut Zia slammed the Conservative politician’s comments as “irresponsible” and “the definition of terrorism”.

Ms Zia said the “sweeping comment” made by Mr Johnson labelled “all young Muslim men as losers”.

“If you look at the definition of terrorism it is to incite fear into the hearts of people – this is what he is doing,” she added.

Ms Zia, who works for an independent network of British Muslim women’s organisations, said the London Mayor’s comments are likely to cause fear and are akin to terrorism. […]

She said: “His comments will cause fear – and that is the definition of terrorism.”

The interview sparked a debate across social media.

On Twitter, Mark Claflin branded Mussurut Zia’s reaction to the newspaper column “wilful stupidity”.