SC School of choice

Their schooling, their choice.

Via The State

William Hart says the online high school that he attends from his St. Andrews home is a “lot different” from the New York school he went to every day.

Having to go to class with other students was like “dealing with people in the streets,” said the 16-year-old, now a student at Whitmore School, a S.C. online public charter school.

Hart and his family were among about 500 people, mostly students, who marched from a downtown hotel to the State House on Tuesday to celebrate National School Choice Week.

Advocates of giving families more education choices – both private and public – heard from students, teachers, parents and Gov. Nikki Haley about the state’s different school-choice options.

“If you think about the time you spend in school, that’s a long time for you to have to spend it the way another child would need to spend it,” Haley said, citing her children as examples of how all children are different and have different educational needs.

“We’ve done great things with charter schools. We’ve done great things with virtual schools. But we want to give more control to our parents, more comfort to the kids and make sure that everybody feels like in South Carolina, they can get the best education that best suits them,” Haley said.

Students came to the event from private schools, home schools, public charter schools, virtual schools and schools that accept students on scholarships made possible through the state’s new private-school choice program.

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