Shockingly, the same group that tried to get Duke University to allow the call to prayer is behind this, the antisemitic terror-tied Muslim Students Association (MSA).

Via WaTi:

UCLA is under fire for sounding a public call to Muslim prayer, but a campus official says it was a one-time event conducted by students hosting a weekend conference.

University spokesman Phil Hampton released a statement Friday after several websites reported that the campus had conducted a call to Muslim prayer, known as adhan. The posts linked to a video of the campus at which the call could be heard posted Jan. 17 on YouTube.

Mr. Hampton said students issued the call to prayer during a student conference last weekend sponsored by the Muslim Students Association.

The annual MSA West Conference was held Jan. 16-18 at UCLA with the theme, “Rooted In. Rise Up. Solidarity Through Stories.”

A video promoting the conference shows students holding signs with messages such as, “Equality,” “Piety,” “Service,” “Against Islamophobia,” “Against Racism,” “Diversity” and “Divest.”

Libs love to defend the Islamic call to prayer by comparing it to church bells, in reality this is total BS as you can see below in the adhan’s translation from Arabic:

Allahu Akbar
God is Great
(said four times)

Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah
I bear witness that there is no god except the One God.
(said two times)

Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah
I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.
(said two times)

Hayya ‘ala-s-Salah
Hurry to the prayer (Rise up for prayer)
(said two times)

Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah
Hurry to success (Rise up for Salvation)
(said two times)

Allahu Akbar
God is Great
[said two times]

La ilaha illa Allah
There is no god except the One God