Billings PD

The Thin Blue Line has become the target. Another convict not complying with commands.


After a dashboard video from a police officer’s vehicle went viral, Billings police officer Grant Morrison and his family are trying to relocate within the city.

A fundraising account established by the Morrison family states that money raised will help ease the costs associated with moving.

The website states that the amount of attention the dash-cam video has received, both positive and negative, has made it challenging for the family to move on after Morrison fatally shot Richard Ramirez in April of 2014.[…]

A fundraising account at states that since the Morrison’s current home address has been made public, the family wants to relocate within the city.

The website states:

This family has recently had their lives very publicized after a video went viral of Officer Morrison breaking down on camera after having to make the heart wrenching call to use lethal force on a non compliant shooting suspect in an armed robbery only 24 hours prior. The entire community of Law Enforcement families have gone through many devastating losses recently, including the Morrison family.

The account, which has a cap of $20,000, states it will help raise money to help Morrison buy “an undeveloped piece of land off the grid.”[…]

In earlier testimony, a police expert told the jury that times have changed for police officers.

“When I was a young officer, I had older officers tell me they wouldn’t do my job now,” said Mike McCarthy, a Montana Law Enforcement Academy instructor. “But now it’s even worse for officers. Drugs have changed it, alcohol has changed it.”

McCarthy said there has been a huge increase in ambushes on officers. He said that an officer has to be prepared for that but it’s very hard to train for it.

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