Sergeant Schultz:

“This is the story that has me fired up, Newt Gingrich is I guess you could say blowing the racist dog whistle.”


CHRIS MATTHEWS: “He [Gingrich] is still talking like Reagan and food stamps and welfare queens, and all that lingo we went through back in the 70s and 80s. We all get tired of it. It all had that tinge we didn’t like and we dropped it, as a country dropped it. The right-wing even dropped it. They stopped talking in this dog whistle, like only the white races were going to hear you because everybody hears you now, they know what the whistle sounds like. Is newt just out of date or is he deliberately using this dog whistle in a way that he knows exactly what he is doing and he doesn’t care what we think?”

Damn these two for making me defend Newt Gingrich!