Lena Dunham

With the exception of New York City, if you randomly asked 100 people who Lena Dunham is you’d be lucky if 5 knew who she was (unless you’re in NYC). Not that it’s a bad thing.

Via Deadline:

With 2.3 million viewers and the best HBO series debut since Boardwalk Empire started in 2010, the Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson starring show lead-in helped give Girls a series high of 1.1 million. To repeat, that wasn’t the case this year. With a 39% free fall, the January 11 of Girls had just 680,000 viewers for the first of its 10-episode Season 4 at 9 PM. That’s the lowest season opener ever for Girls which garnered 870,000 viewers for Seasons 1 and 2. Among the 18-49 demo, the series snagged 390,000 viewers. That down 35% from the start of Season 3 last year and another low.

Written by Dunham and fellow EP Judd Apatow, the total viewership for Sunday’s S4 debut was more in line with the Season 3 finale of March 23 last year. That airing had 670,000 total viewers. In fact, the S4 opener did 1% better than the S3 closer.

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