Today Texas Congressman Randy Weber apologized for the tweet below comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. Naturally the left began to screech at the right on television over the lack of civility in our politics. It seems to the left, Hitler and comparing people to him is off-limits. While I somewhat disagree their argument doesn’t really hold a lot of water.

At an Anti-Monsanto parade leftists proudly paraded around with banners proclaiming of all things, George Bush was equal to or worse than Hitler.


Last year a teacher in Washington D.C. told her students to draw Venn diagrams comparing Hitler and George W. Bush.


CNN once famously aired a clip of a man in a George Bush mask designed to make him look like Adolf Hitler. No one was outraged.


In 2002 cartoonist Charles Amsellem once drew a horrendous cartoon equating the burning of the German Chancellery Building with that of George W. Bush discussing the tragedy of September 11 2001.


In conclusion, do you know who ELSE liked to compare people to Nazis?