He really is a disgrace.

Via HuffPo:

In a HuffPost Live interview Tuesday, former President Jimmy Carter told host Marc Lamont Hill he supports the International Criminal Court looking into Palestinian accusation of war crimes against Israel, saying the ICC should take “an inquisitive look” at those allegations.

“Not only at what the Israelis have done to the Palestinians, but vice versa,” Carter said. “I’ve been to the places in Israel, for instance, where the Hamas rockets land. I’ve been there and seen the rockets and condemned them on television. There are problems both ways. But I think to expose what has happened to the world in a very careful and judicious way will probably be good for both sides.”

Carter has been involved with politics in the region for quite some time, with the 90-year-old supporting a two-state system. Conversely, President Obama said Monday the U.S. does not support the Palestinians’ bid to join the ICC, arguing that Palestine is not a recognized state and thus has no right to appear in international court.

“About 150 nations recognize Palestine as a nation, as an official state,” Carter said. “Although the United States has always been in lockstep with Israel on these kind of matters, it’s not a common belief all over the world. I don’t believe there’s any doubt that the Palestinians deserve to have a nation of their own, alongside a free and protected state of Israel.”