Yesterday, we raised the interesting seeming coincidence of the man on Google Street view.

The ‘person of interest’ supposedly seen near the bombing Tuesday near the NAACP office was purportedly “A balding white male in his late 40s driving a white pickup truck with his license plates missing or obscured.” Well, dang, if we didn’t find someone matching that description on the Google Street view of the NAACP office. We found that an interesting coincidence since those views are taken months before and are not current. We wondered if someone giving the description had for some reason referred to the Street View.


Today, Google Earth raises another question, hat tip John Langdale, web researcher and former USAF image analyst and John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer.

Here’s the picture of the singed building supposedly from the bombing:

Yet Google Earth appears to show the marks in the same place. Problem?

Google Earth indicates that the imagery of the building at 603 South El Paso Street, Colorado Springs, CO was last updated in September, 2014, a full four months before the alleged failed bombing.

If you look at the current picture, there appear to be two sets of marks next to each other. While it appears that the bigger set on the left was already there in September, it is not clear whether the smaller set of marks was there. But if the smaller marks are new, from the alleged bombing, the damage would be smaller than people have been led to believe, and that it does not appear that media is reporting there were any prior marks in that area. Perhaps they were not informed about the prior marks.

Again, just an interesting coincidence, of marks in the same place where there were already marks…

HT: John Cardillo