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There are two different hostage situations in Paris: one near De Gaulle Airport where Charlie Hebdo killers are holed up with a hostage, and another at a kosher market with multiple hostages, with hostage taker Amedy Coulibably, who is reportedly from the same terror cell.

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3:50 pm:
3 hostages were killed during the supermarket attack. When they were killed is not clear, earlier reports suggest 2 were killed in the initial attack. The hostage taker was also killed.

1:06 pm:

Hayat Boumeddiene, the girlfriend of Amedy Coulibaly, has escaped:

12:34 pm:

Video of the police raiding the store, freeing the hostages:

12:27 pm:
The one unaccounted suspect is the girlfriend of the grocery gunman, Hayat Boumeddiene. Two police were injured at the Dammartin siege. There were reportedly up to 10 hostages in the supermarket siege, some were hiding in the cold storage area of the store and managed to go undetected by the hostage taker.

11:59 am:

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11:32 am:

Picture of explosion at grocery store, police getting hostages to safety:
ALTERNATIVE CROP Members of the French p

Hostage taker at the supermarket Amedy Coulibaly reportedly dead.

11:32 am:

So far looking like police action could not have gone better, appears all remaining hostages safe, Islamists dead.

Via Telegraph:

At around 5.10pm at least three loud explosions were heard from the Hypercachet supermarket, followed by what sounded like bursts of rapid gunfire.
Police were reported to have stormed the building, at Porte de Vincennes. The climax to the siege came around 10 to 15 minutes after similar scenes at the siege outside Paris, where the two Charlie Hebdo gunmen had taken hostages.

There had earlier been reports of two people killed inside the supermarket, with surviving hostages ringing relatives to say they feared they would be killed next.

At 5.23 what sounded like another gunshot was heard as the operation to bring the Vincennes siege to an end continued.
Armed police had been surrounding the building since around 1pm after receiving initial reports that gunmen had taken hostages inside.

11:28 am:

Charlie Hebdo hostage freed in Dammartin – Kouachi brothers both killed, AFP reports.

11:25 am:

AFP is reporting the Charlie Hebdo suspects have been killed in the situation at the airport. People are running away from the kosher grocery, police reporting several hostages freed there. Looks like coordinated police attack at the same time….

Video of police attack on the Hebdo suspects near the airport:

11:06 am:

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Paris schools were ordered evacuated earlier.

10:14 am: Jewish stores in Paris ordered closed.

“France 24 and the AP are reporting that police are ordering stores in the traditionally Jewish Paris neighborhood of Le Marais to close. The Marais is not near the Hyper Cacher (Hyper Cacher = Super Kosher, though the word is usually spelled casher) store in eastern Paris where hostages have been taken, but presumably authorities are worried about the possibility of more violence against Jewish businesses.” – DB

9:53 am:

12 Dead In French Magazine Shooting

Brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi who slaughtered 12 people at a French satirical magazine were holed up with a hostage inside a printing house — defiant to the end as they told police they “want to die as martyrs.”

Cherif, a former pizza deliveryman, was convicted of terrorism charges in 2008 in connection to his ties to a network sending jihadis to fight US forces in Iraq. Yet, somehow he is free to kill and take hostages…

9:36 am:

Attack near the Eiffel Tower reportedly false, though police response to the location was real. Perhaps an effort to split and confuse police.

9:26 am: Fourth shooting near Eiffel Tower.

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The suspects in all the attacks are believed to be part of the ‘Buttes Chaumont network’, which sent Jihadi fighters to Iraq.
‘He [Amedy Coulibaly] was in the same Buttes Chaumount cell as the Kouachi brothers,’ said a source close to the investigation. ‘He was friends of both of them.’


Via Daily Mail:

Amedy, 32, is now known to have been a close friend of the Kouachi brothers [suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack] and police now fear they’re dealing with an organised terror network and not a lone wolf.

Known to the police, nine years ago he was a frequent attendee at the Djamel Beghal in Cantal, seeking advice on entering ‘religious orders.’

The prestigious Le Point said today police sources told them that Amedy said at the time: ‘I am progressing with religion but slowly.’
He was ‘practicing the mandatory minimum such as prayer and Ramadan.

Police already suspected he was in the process of being radicalised.

It came as Said Kouachi, 34, and his brother, Cherif Kouachi, 33, the suspected Charlie Hebdo killers, remained surrounded by police with a hostage of their own in Dammartin-en-Goele.

It means that two sieges by suspected Islamic terrorists are playing out at the same time, as fears grew that the terrorists would be looking to cause another bloodbath.

The gunman in Vincennes [kosher market siege] is believed to be the one responsible for shooting a policewoman dead in south Paris on Thursday, said police sources.

Picture of the kosher market in the 12th arondissement in Paris:


Suspected hostage taker, Amedy Coulibaly, 33, and a woman police say is also involved, Hayat Boumeddiene, 26:


Likely no surprise, AP is reporting the gunman was involved in the Charlie Hebdo attack and the separate killing of a police woman the day after, “You know who I am” the hostage taker is reported to have said…


Via NY Post:

PARIS — France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor says a shooting and hostage-taking attack is underway at a kosher market on the eastern edge of Paris. A police official said there are multiple hostages and wounded at the scene.

The French president ordered the country’s top security official to the scene, an official in the presidency told The Associated Press. The police official declined to be named when discussing the unfolding situation.

The events near Paris’ Porte de Vincennes took place as two suspects in France’s deadliest terror attack in decades were cornered near Charles de Gaulle airport.