Obama doesn’t make an appearance at phony scandals. Update to a previous story.

Via Washington Examiner

President Obama’s motorcade drove by a troubled Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital but did not stop during his swing through the city touting the nation’s housing recovery.

The drive-by had reporters traveling with the president wondering whether he might stop by the hospital during his visit to Phoenix, but the motorcade continued straight to the high school where Obama delivered remarks about his latest executive action to cut mortgage insurance costs for borrowers using Federal Housing Administration loans.

It also spurred new criticism from Republicans, who along with vets groups, had called on Obama to visit the hospital located a mile from the school where he spoke.

“It is a testament to this president’s misplaced priorities that he would choose a photo op for his next executive action over visiting the VA hospital where veterans died on secret government waiting lists instead of getting care,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement Thursday afternoon.[…]

White House press secretary Josh Earnest earlier this week said Obama has no plans to visit the VA hospital while in Phoenix but insisted that Obama is committed to fixing the agency.

“We made a covenant with our veterans, and this president is determined to make sure we uphold it,” he said.

Hegseth took issue with that statement, arguing that the Obama administration’s actions haven’t backed up “such bold claims.”

“Since the VA scandal first broke, veterans’ VA plight hasn’t improved much,” he said.

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