All religions have a barbaric phase in their history, mostly because religious development is intermingled with human development.

But over the centuries there just seems to be one religion that feels like the odd man out, doesn’t it?

What is satire? What is anti-religious bigotry? At what point exactly does does one become the other?

I don’t know the answer to that question because as someone who enjoys satire (and also thinks himself quite funny) that doesn’t take his own religion seriously, I do not know.

My friend Katie O’Malley summed it up best to me “My faith is not so weak that a statue of Jesus in a tank of urine diminishes my beliefs”


Charlie Hebdo has a proud tradition of satirizing religion, religious people and the people who claim to be their talking heads. From Rabbis in the Mid-East to the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ himself. No one was off-limits for Charlie Hebdo.

At times, the cartoons could appear to be somewhat cruel. At others kind of funny (like this depiction of the Pope embracing a Swiss Guard)


Spoiler: No one has ever been murdered for these cartoons.

So without interruption or further pondering from yours truly, here are the cartoons the terrorists do not want you to see.


Just kidding …that one was about the Jews. Again …nobody murdered…

Here is the real contraband:

For this first one, their office was firebombed. Their site was hacked and replaced with the words “there is no God but Allah”.