Congressman West did a 1-½-year combat tour of duty in Iraq and a 2-½-year combat tour of duty in Afghanistan. Something tells me these bed-wetting liberals aren’t going to intimidate him.

(Sun Sentinel) — The liberal group plans to protest at Congressman Allen West’s town hall meeting in Pompano Beach on Tuesday.

MoveOn’s statement:

Area MoveOn members will rally inside and outside a town hall meeting Representative West is holding on May17 to protest the Representative’s recent vote to cut Medicare funding. The protestors will show up with signs telling Congress to keep their “Hands Off Our Medicare.

“Last month, Representative West voted, with nearly every other Republican in the House of Representatives, for a budget that would end Medicare as we know it. At the event, MoveOn members will try to hand Representative West a note demanding to know how West can ask seniors to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy through massive cuts in Medicare.