Bill posted early today about a manual being used by the “BlackBrunch” protesters who were walking into random diners so they could berate white people. This morning they launched a DDoS attack on the site because of it. The server company had never seen an attack like this and couldn’t stop it but Bill came through after working on it for at least 10 hours.

Thanks to RightScoop for the support.


If you are seeing “Browser Being Checked” warning. It’s legitimate. It’s part of the fancy new DDOS mitigation system Cloudflare offers. It’s optional and we can toggle it on and off in case of emergencies like today. At the moment, it will remain on. But let me be clear – NO INFORMATION IS EXCHANGED BETWEEN YOU AND CLOUDFLARE OR US AND YOU. The check merely checks your user-agent string from your browser to make sure you’re really a person and not some dingus trying to scan for vulnerabilities.