Bumping our #BlackLivesMatter’s posts from the past day, as apparently they angered someone enough to commit a crime against us. So here, a big finger in your eyes to the attackers, “information is free”. When you are so desperate that you commit federal offenses, then yes, you prove our point about “imploding”…


In the beginning of Occupy, there were some normal, non-radical folk that came out to the protests. People were upset about bailouts and thought that this was what the protest was about. But there was a point at about two months in, where the normal people figured out what Occupy was all about, and the normal people left. What was left was the organizing radicals who were not there because of bailouts but were there for revolution, for anti-U.S., anti-capitalism.

We’re at that point today with #BlackLives Matter. It has never been about #BlackLivesMatter, anymore than Occupy was about bailouts. It is about the same thing Occupy was about – revolution and anarcho-communism. Small wonder, as the same people are behind it.

1. Last night, they raided a town hall in Portland, hijacking a medal ceremony for a 100 year old veteran of WWII. Portland is quite liberal and yet this group managed to alienate the audience of people that would normally be receptive to them. They not only disrupted the ceremony, they also attacked a man who tried to call for order so everyone’s concerns at the meeting could be heard. They shouted that he was a “token”. Ron Wyden, the Senator who was running the town hall, said he would meet with them and give them time to raise questions in the course of the meeting. That was not enough for them, they shouted him down and the meeting had to be cancelled because of the disruption. They later claimed they conducted their own ‘town hall’, as they talked to themselves. They clearly didn’t hear or care what anyone else is saying at the town hall.

2. They organized #blackbrunch in NYC and Oakland, annoying people as they were trying to have Sunday brunch. They accused the innocent folk they are bothering of being ‘white supremacists’ guilty of ‘genocide’, and even said they have no right to be in this country if they are white.

3. Finally protesters spammed Twitter during the funeral of Officer Liu claiming that his widow had specifically asked the police not to turn their backs outside his funeral. His wife had said no such thing. But they and their progressive accomplices did what they could to attack the police, supposedly on behalf of Mrs. Liu. How despicable is this, and so many people from various progressive organizations did it, it looked like a coordinated effort.

During the funeral Mrs. Liu specifically thanked the NYPD for the support that they had given her family, referring to them as her “family in blue”.

There is a point at which people go too far. Today, #BlackLivesMatter reached it. They will continue to yell for awhile. But they have overplayed their hand, as they did with Occupy.