Protesters, people with the #Unite Blue hashtag, at least one #ReadyForHillary organizer are currently spamming twitter claiming that Officer Liu’s widow specifically asked the NYPD not to turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio at Officer Liu’s funeral.

This is just a sample, they’ve been busy:

Shaun King is a lead protester in Ferguson, “ProfB” is Professor Anthea Butler, Mona Eltahawy is a ‘journalist’ on Muslim issues, Gabe Ortiz is an immigration ‘activist’.

Yet no link to this supposed statement is linked in any of their tweets. Indeed, his widow just delivered a tremendously moving eulogy in which she specifically thanked the NYPD for their support and care for her family, and she is completely destroyed by loss of her soulmate. We have not found any media report supporting this claim.

Given that no one except protesters and progressive de Blasio supporters are actually claiming this, its veracity seems rather dubious.

The utter political and disgusting nature of using Officer’s Liu’s widow at a time like this is beyond despicable.