A sexual deviant and a commie, he’s a double threat.

(NY Post) — IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn acted like a “chimpanzee in heat” during a creepy previous grab-and-grope with a French journalist — an incident with eerie similarities to his alleged attack on a Manhattan hotel maid Saturday, according to an explosive interview.

In a 2007 tell-all interview with French TV, journalist Tristane Banon accused Strauss-Kahn of making the sickening overtures in 2002.

“He wanted me to hold his hand while he answered [my questions],” she recounted. “He said, ‘I can’t do it if you don’t hold my hand.’ After the hand, it was the arm, and after the arm it was a bit further, so I stopped him.

“We ended up fighting . . . It was more than a couple of slaps, I kicked him, he opened my bra, tried to open my jeans . . . It finished very badly.”

Banon’s alleged attacker’s name was censored from the piece, but she later told the French media outlet Agora Vox that the man was Strauss-Kahn, who already had been dubbed the “Great Seducer” in the press.

She described Strauss-Kahn as “a chimpanzee in heat” and added that a lawyer she contacted told her he had a huge file of women with similar tales of the perv politician.