Well, at least HE didn’t eat the dog…

Via Breitbart:

To say I’m a “dog guy” would be an understatement.

My street cred when it comes to canines is of Tupac proportions. I have one tattoo–it’s a bone on my arm with ‘Liesel’ emblazoned inside it–a tribute to my yellow lab who passed away in 2008. She was my girl. Recently we rescued a little mutt named Rex. He runs the house. I teach my kids to love and care for dogs at every turn.

One pet peeve (no pun intended) of mine is when kids treat animals badly. Often parents just sit idly by and let this behavior go on. Numerous times I have reprimanded nephews and neighbors for pushing on our lab’s back. Dogs, no matter how big, do not have strong backs, and pressure on their spines could result in injury. That said, if you think every single child in every home in America will always do exactly what they’re supposed to do, then you don’t have kids and you’ve probably never met anyone under the age of twelve.

The new year has just begun, and already the left is all wee-weed up over a Facebook post from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Along with an optimistic Happy New Year message, Palin included pictures of her son Trig standing on the new Palin pooch. He isn’t doing it with malice. Instead, Trig is trying to use the black lab as a booster so he can help wash the dishes. The left went ballistic. Many others did as well. PETA is crying cruelty. There’s one glaring omission, however, in their “outrage.” Trig is no ordinary six-year old, and Jill Hadassah isn’t your everyday pet.

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Psst, as Erick Erickson points out, the Left didn’t get their knickers in a twist over this pic from Ellen, apparently this was just peachy keen.