De Blasio going down in a ball of flames.

NEW YORK CITY – While Mayor Bill de Blasio was personally coaxing the city’s police union presidents to meet with him, his top aides were on the phones with lawmakers urging them to blast PBA President Patrick Lynch and other officers for turning their backs on the mayor following the assassinations of two of New York’s Finest, DNAinfo New York has learned.

As late as Monday afternoon — the same time de Blasio was speaking with police union leaders to set up Tuesday’s détente to possibly mend their fractured relationship — the mayor’s government affairs honchos were privately cold-calling the city’s Democratic delegation of city and state elected officials, asking them to publicly criticize Lynch and those officers who dissed the mayor.

“City Hall wanted me to blast the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association for turning their backs on him,” a Big Apple legislator told “On The Inside.” “They called up Monday, said they were calling all of us, and that it was our obligation to stand up defending the mayor.”

There was an expectation from City Hall that “because they were calling that we should do whatever they ask,” the lawmaker said.

Another lawmaker, who also received a call from a top City Hall official, said he did not feel pressured to speak out, but thought it was “really inappropriate” to be asked even though he did not agree with the police protests.

“I think the mayor should not find himself in that position, particularly on an issue that is so sensitive, asking elected officials to chime in on something like this,” he said. “It is not really appropriate and I felt badly that they had to do it.”

First up, Dem Rep.Gregory Meeks:

Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) on Tuesday ripped police officers who turned their backs on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio while he delivered a eulogy for a slain officer.

“This antic was disrespectful and betrayed the decorum and responsibility that is expected of public servants, especially at the funeral of a fallen officer,” he said in a statement.

“At this critical juncture, I believe Mayor de Blasio is working to heal as well as unite our city and I thank him for this continued effort,” he said.

Some officers turned their backs Saturday on a video screen showing de Blasio’s speech at the funeral for officer Rafael Ramos, who along with partner Wenjian Liu were killed by a gunman who had left messages on social media suggesting he would take violence against police over the separate police killings of two unarmed black men.