Inspire ferguson

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Via PJ Media

The latest issue of al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine includes notes referencing the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice, and suggests that a March gas explosion that leveled two Harlem apartment buildings may have not been an accident.

The Winter 2014 issue — an “open source jihad special” — is largely devoted to lauding recent “lone mujahid” attacks and encouraging future lone wolves, as the U.S. government calls them, to try a new al-Qaeda recipe for a bomb they claim can fool airport security.

The slick publication from Al-Malahem Media, the media arm of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, features a jetliner on the cover plowing through stormy clouds, with the headline “Neurotmesis: Cutting the nerves and isolating the head” — stressing that the “main goal” of 9/11 was “economy hemorrhage.”

The Ferguson message comes on a catch-all “Mujahid’s Notes” page, which contains random musings on attacks and news headlines.

“I can’t breath. Don’t Shoot. A toy gun. – If I am Afro-American living in Ferguson … I’d rather be labelled a terrorist,” reads one note, singled out in red font among other black-font notes.

“Ferguson: killed for being killed. – Gaza: killed for willing to kill. -US Soldier: killed for being killers,” reads another note.

Another note features a picture that appears to be from the protests – showing a sign that reads “Don’t shoot I’m just a young black man walking” — and a quote from the movie Malcolm X: “You’re not an American. You are the victim of America! You didn’t have a choice coming here. He didn’t say: Black man, black woman, come over and help me build America. He said, N-r, get in the boat. I’m taking you over there to help me build America. Being born here does not make you an American. I am not an American, you are not American. You’re one of the 22 million black people…who are victims of America. …Ain’t no democracy there. We’ve never seen democracy. All we’ve seen is hypocrisy. We don’t see any American dream. We’ve experienced only the American nightmare.”

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