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Is it open season on law enforcement?

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The community of Tarpon Spring is mourning the loss of TSPD officer, 45-year-old Charles “Charlie K” Kondek who was shot and killed on Sunday morning.

The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. on December 21, at Glen’s Eureka Apartments on Grand Boulevard in Tarpon Springs. Police were originally called out for a noise ordinance complaint as the suspect was banging on residential doors. When police arrived the suspect shot Kondek and then attempted to flee in a vehicle, but crashed his car into a pole and then a truck at Athens and Cross Street.[…]

Parilla has been arrested and charged with one count of first degree murder. He is described by deputies as a transient.

Charles “Charlie K” Kondek served the city of Tarpon Springs as a sworn law enforcement officer for 17 years, many of which were on the midnight shift. Originally from New York, he had previously served for over 5 years as a NYPD officer before moving to Florida.

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Additional information on Officer Kondek and the shooting.


….Kondek’s wife works for the Pasco County Clerk of Courts, deputies said. He has five children, the youngest of which is 15, deputies said. Kondek lived in the Spring Hill area, Gualtieri said.

He is originally from the New York area and served with the NYPD before moving to Florida, according to a Tarpon Springs Police news release. His father is a retired NYPD officer, deputies said.

Kondek “was a wonderful man, very fair and just,” said Mary Fiouris, who owns Zorbas Nightclub with her husband Telly and has known Kondek for a few years. The nightclub on Athens Street will hold a fundraiser for the fallen officer, she said.

“This is too terrible, and right before Christmas too,” she said wiping away tears. “He was just protecting us. Why do people do these things?”

As she was closing the nightclub around 2:30 a.m. Sunday she saw Parilla’s white car barrel down Athens, before hitting a power pole and a white truck.

Tom Mahinis, a Tarpon Springs artist, was outside Zorbas Nightclub with about 20 people and also witnessed the crash.

“He must have been doing 70 mph,” Mahinis said. “He got out of the car and I started chasing him. I didn’t know what he had done.”

At the intersection of Athens and Cross Streets, police asked Mahinis where the driver was.

“I told them and then they tackled him and apprehended the man,” said Mahinis.

As the man was being led off by police, “he gave me a facial expression,” said Mahinis. “I said, ‘you just bought an $80,000 truck.’”

Parilla has a lengthy criminal history in Hillsborouh County, including arrests for selling and possessing cocaine and marijuana, trafficking in stolen property and leaving the scene of an crash, according to arrest records.

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