So the killer’s motives, which he held for a long time, and which he clearly enunciated, aren’t really his motives. The fact that he was part of the protests, according to his friends, in addition to his comments referencing Garner and Brown, is an irrelevant fact. The effort to paint him as a ‘random crazy’ is underway.

Did you know that if you check a box that you’ve ever seen a psychiatrist or a psychologist, you have ‘mental issues’? How irresponsible is this of the New York Times?

Via NY Times:

On Sunday, it emerged that Mr. Brinsley might have had mental health issues.

During an August 2011 plea hearing in Cobb County, Ga., he was asked: “Have you ever been a patient in a mental institution or under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist?”

According to a court record, he responded yes. The record did not provide any other details.

Police officers in Atlanta were familiar with Mr. Brinsley. On nine occasions in less than six years, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office records show, Mr. Brinsley was booked into jail. In that stretch, he was arrested by officers from four agencies on charges that included disorderly conduct, terroristic threats, and theft by shoplifting. He was also arrested on weapons charges.

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