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Do as Mao says, not as Mao does

Via Financial Times:

UN global warming talks in Lima ran deep into overtime on Saturday after the US and China clashed over a work plan for a global climate deal next year.

“Let’s work together,” pleaded the meeting’s chair, Peruvian environment minister, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, as the two-week meeting that had been due to finish on Friday continued well past midday on Saturday. “We are very close,” he said.

But his optimism was quickly shattered as delegates from China and the US disputed a draft text of the meeting’s outcome that Beijing said needed to be amended to better reflect differences between poor and wealthy countries.

US climate envoy, Todd Stern, countered that the US had problems with the text as well, but a failure to reach agreement would be a “serious blow” to global efforts to tackle climate change and time was fast running out.

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