Language warning on this one.

They deviated far away from their normal targets on this one…

Via Newsbusters:

Instead of the Daily Show’s usual targets – conservatives and Christians – atheists were the surprising villains on the Dec.9 episode of the left-leaning comedy show.

Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper pulled no punches, calling the atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation “petty a**holes,” and “trolls” who needed to “lighten the f*ck up” for making a fuss over a diner offering small discounts to customers who pray before they eat.

Klepper spoke with the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s co-President Dan Barker about the group’s issue with Mary’s Gourmet Diner, a small business whose owner, Mary Haglund offers 15 percent discounts for customers who pray before meals. Klepper asked Barker why didn’t he just fake pray to get the discount, but Barker insisted it would be against his beliefs to do so.

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