U.S. House Speaker Pelosi talks to Reid and Schumer in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington

Sounds like a plan, Dems should be able to pickup the seats they lost.

Via New Republic

In describing how she would marshal her influence as House minority leader, now and in the coming Congress, Nancy Pelosi has been careful to stipulate that even when Republicans need Democratic votes to pass crucial legislation, Democrats can’t completely thwart the GOP’s ideological aspirations.

“We have leverage if they don’t have the votes,” she told Roll Call earlier this week. “They have leverage because they know we will be responsible. And that allows them to be irresponsible to a certain extent.” […]

This afternoon, her office has issued at least five urgent press releases, threatening implicitly to pull Democratic support for legislation to fund the government unless Republicans strip a provision from that bill that would allow FDIC-backed financial institutions to trade a wider range of derivatives, weakening the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, which relegated many such trades to uninsured subsidiaries. Translated: if John Boehner and Republicans insist on keeping Wall Street’s rider in the bill, they will shut down the government.

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