What a complete and total mess of a country.

London, May 12 (ANI): Incidents of an Islamist group threatening to kill a British-Muslim woman for not wearing a veil, and launching more attacks on gay men and women, have left residents of London’s Tower Hamlets area worried and afraid.

The Daily Mail quoted a recent report as saying that a 31-year-old Asian woman who works in a local chemist’s had received death threats for refusing to wear a veil, although she is not a practicing Muslim. Four weeks ago, the woman’s boss was apparently received death threats from an Asian over similar issues.

“If she keeps working here and continues to dress like that, we will boycott you because this is a Muslim area,” the shop’s owner was told.

A Bangladeshi-born man who witnessed the scene said subsequently another, younger, Asian man came into the pharmacy and started shouting at the employee, saying: “‘If you keep doing these things, we will kill you.'”

The area is reported to have a Muslim faith school where girls as young as 11 are bound to wear face-covering veils.

Attacks against homosexual men and women are also reported to be on rise, and some people in the country have now started to compare these kind of behaviour to that of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Many believe that the fundamentalist group, which believes in jihad and Islamic sharia law, wants to turn Britain and other European countries into Islamic republics.