Report to Rm. 101 for retraining now!

Via Newsbusters:

While discussing racial problems in the U.S. as a guest on Thursday’s edition of Now with Alex Wagner on MSNBC, Michael Eric Dyson stated that “saying black and brown lives matter makes a big difference because when that language gets repeated by white tongues, white brains can follow suit, and white souls can at least be trained in a different way.” “That’s a really good point,” Wagner said while agreeing with the black professor of sociology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. “Even the footage of protesters being white folks and black folks and Asian folks out there on the street. It sounds pretty basic, but it’s really important in showing the American problem.” Earlier in the segment, Dyson noted that “there’s no question that the overweighting of white intention suggests that the exclusive matter of deciding a moral consequence or a legal effect of a particular act depends upon what the white person intended.”

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