CAIR is no fan of the First Amendment.

MyFoxHouston – Community activist Quanell X says controversial teacher Angela Box’s slurs could make her a target of Muslim extremists, putting children attending Daily Elementary School at risk.

The 3rd grade educator and part-time cable TV performer, who proudly calls herself an “all-around ass kicker,” may soon be out of a job.

The Houston Independent School District Board of Education will consider an agenda item on Thursday which reads “resignation and release agreement for Angela Box, teacher at Daily Elementary.” […]

Deeply concerned for Box’s mostly minority students, the Council on American Islamic Relations called for an investigation and on Tuesday welcomed news of her likely departure from the classroom.

“I think that the statements she’s made and her behavior as well and the profanity are absolutely outrageous and we are appalled by them and certainly if I had a student in her class I would take that student out,” said Ruth Nasrullah, spokeswoman for CAIR.

Box critic and community activist Quanell X says the teacher’s very public, anti-Muslim rhetoric has inflamed radicalized members of the Islamic community in Houston and around the U.S.

“Their reaction is much more extreme than mine would be and so the safety and security of Ms. Box, the other students in that classroom, the other students in that school and other teachers and administrators in that school is at risk because now that radical element, that is very dangerous, that would target Ms. Box specifically at that school has everybody’s lives now in danger,” said Quanell X.

UPDATE: CAIR gloats.