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When conservatives openly carry these people call them terrorists, and yet here is one saying the Second Amendment should be used to “further liberal ideals.”

Via HuffPo:

I never thought I’d be an open-carry advocate.

However, I’m a firm believer in working within the American political system in order to change the status quo. If the Second Amendment is cherished by millions of Americans, then why not use it to further certain liberal ideals? Protecting African-American lives and alleviating tensions between the black community and law enforcement should be a top priority of all Americans and especially Congress; however, this is not the case. It speaks volumes that African-Americans vote over 90 percent Democrat during national elections, yet our future nominee in 2016 still hasn’t addressed an issue the whole nation is talking about, even after Darren Wilson’s acquittal and the flames that engulfed Ferguson.

With all our advancements as a nation, there’s still a correlation between today and 1895, the year Ida B. Wells wrote The Red Record. We live in a surreal time period where the deaths of unarmed black males still take place, even though we have a black president and African-Americans today possess more rights than at any other point in U.S. history. While rioting by a very small percentage of protestors does a disservice to the memory of Michael Brown and the cause of saving black lives or preventing future Fergusons, there are legal and more effective ways to solve our nation’s moral conundrum pertaining to racial profiling, police brutality, and issues related to the deaths of unarmed citizens. […]

That being said, the Tea Party, NRA, and others in this country aren’t wrong about everything. Within the politically charged hyperbole of gun lobbyists, there exists some truth about the benefits of openly carrying a weapon in the United States, and these benefits could perhaps help the African-American community. If the Second Amendment can help quell an epidemic of unarmed black men being shot and killed, then why not promote this alternative to the status quo?

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