And they did this right after John Kerry met with Jordan’s King Abdullah.

Via JPost:

The Jordanian parliament paid respects by observing a minute of silence and reading verses from the Koran for the two Palestinian terrorists who murdered five Israelis and injured others in an attack at a Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday.

However, the Jordanian government condemned the attack on Thursday, saying it is against all acts of violence against civilians, Israel Radio reported.

“In regards to the martyrs that smashed and murdered the Zionists, I am asking for this respected parliament to stand up and read the al-Fatiha (the prayer at the beginning of the Koran) to glorify their pure souls and to glorify the souls of all the of the martyrs in the Arab and Islamic nation,” a Jordanian parliament member said, according to a Channel 10 video.

The parliament members then stood with their palms facing up for a minute of silence.

This comes right after a meeting last week between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jordan’s King Abdullah and US Secretary of State John Kerry in Amman to try to calm tensions.