Imagine what it would be without the +17 Dem advantage?

AP-Gfk poll (pdf)

Jim Geraghty on the sample breakdown used by the AP:

. . . But then you get to the party ID: 46 percent identify as Democrat or leaning Democrat, 29 percent identify as Republican or leaning Republican, 4 percent identify as purely independent leaning towards neither party, and 20 percent answered, “I don’t know.”

For contrast, the AP’s immediate preceding poll was 45 percent Democrat, 33 percent Republican; the likely-voter pool in October 2010 was 43 percent Democrat, 48 percent Republican. The poll’s total sample in October 2010 split 43 percent Democrat, 40 percent Republican.

Yes, this is the same AP poll that found Obama had a 60% approval rating using a 46% Dem/29% Republican breakdown.